We're proud to be taking the stress out of logistics!

Karl's Warehousing has planted a warehouse in  Wisconsin that is primed to make your storage needs hassle free and cost effective. Don't waste time and resources figuring out how to store and move your inventory. Allow us to do what we do best, which is cost effectively keep your inventory out of your way until you're ready for it. If you need Wisconsin warehousing, Karl's should be your only choice!

We hit the target when it comes to  taking the stress out of logistics. We provide top level Wisconsin warehousing. You can count on us to cost effectively warehouse your inventory, then get it to its destination when you need it.

We use amazing inventory practices and employees to ensure your inventory is safely stored. We then utilize our historic Wisconsin based trucking fleet to transport your inventory  when you're ready for it.

Whether you need to store raw materials or a finished product, we are equipped to safely and securely warehouse your inventory. We are also equipped to serve small, medium and large size businesses.

Our facility is located in Wisconsin. Being centrally located allows us to deliver your inventory anywhere in the country in a very timely manner.

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